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Over the past few years, the archaeological and architectural investigation of ancient Akragas (modern Agrigento) in Sicily has gathered new momentum. This book brings together various researchers who investigate the Greek period remains of Akragas, an ostentatiously wealthy city state that was politically powerful and culturally formative. The issues discussed range from methodological approaches and the interpretation of fresh field-data, to concerns of site maintenance and the reconstruction of monuments. The outcome is presented in thirteen contributions, arranged into sections on extramural survey, urban sanctuaries, housing, and on the suburban sanctuary at S. Anna. The contributors to this volume offer perspectives for further research on the monuments, finds, and contexts from ancient Akragas. These extend beyond strictly archaeological concerns, and as manifested by Agrigento's status as a UNESCO world heritage site, are also of relevance to wider audiences. Natascha Sojc is professor for Classical Archaeology at the University of Augsburg. She held the Byvanck Chair of Classical Archaeology at Leiden University 2009-2014.